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Digital Technology for the Physical Needs

Helping the World stay Healthy

Opus Digital is a software division of Opus Materia Pharmaceutical Company, created to develop and produce advanced mobile applications for The Health and Fitness sectors as well as gaming apps for educating and learning purposes. Utilizing all the latest advances in sectors such as medical science, education and software architecture, OD develops high quality apps that help their users stay healthy, learn and entertain.


Developing Mobile apps for a Healthier World


Combining Science and Technology

Our team consists of specialized doctors of various medical fields working together with skilled coders, software engineers and talented graphic artists. Together they design and develop mobile apps that help people stay healthier and stronger. Furthermore the creative team of Opus Digital creates educational apps carefully designed to help childen learn through gamification. It is our commitment to perfection that pushes us to go beyond and explore new ways that technology can help us.

Fast Performance

Our apps are developed to be fast even on slower systems and perform wihout delays or annoying advertising screens.

Advanced Technology

Our software engineers use the best and latest tools to write the most efficient and advanced code that powers our apps.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is paramount to us and as such we secure any information you input to our apps and we never have access to that information.

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Learn All About our Apps

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My Healthy companion is an app designed to offer you recommendations about examinations and nutritional advice to keep you in top shape.


Nutrition Master is a specialised app for Oncologists that helps them keep track of the nutritional info of their patients.

Nutrition Master Nephro Edition is a specialised app for Nephrologists that helps them keep track of the nutritional info of their patients.


Patient Master is an innovative web platform and app that helps Oncologists keep a full digital record of all the data of their patients.


Onco Master is a specialized platform that records and tracks oncologic patients summary records.


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